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Every year more than 35 million Americans move, and one of the top city destinations for renters is Los Angeles. We all know that the Mid City area is the most sought-after part of LA to call home, and with people loving the Los Angeles summers and the warm climate, summer is the busiest time of the year for apartment hunting. If you want to rent a luxury apartment near Mid City, then you may want to consider doing this during the fall season. Here are some compelling reasons why fall is an ideal time to move to Mid City.

Apartment Hunting in Mid City is Less Competitive in Fall 

Fall is the slowest time of the year for filling apartments. Most people like to be settled into their apartment before the holidays, as nobody in their right mind would dare to jungle a move, with work, and still try to prepare for Thanksgiving, and Chanukah, and Xmas in the following month of December. That said, you will have an easier time navigating the rental market at a time that most others avoid. 

It’s Easier to Pack Up and Move in Fall

Moving can be compared to Dante’s 4th level of inferno: it’s no picnic, and some describe it as torturous. That said, if you have to pack and move, whether you take this on yourself, or hire the professionals, do so at a time when the demand is lower, and when the expenses of moving are also lower. 

In addition, the temperature plays a role. If you plan on doing your own packing (some people just don’t like to have strangers handling their things), the cooler time of year is more desirable because you won’t be sweating in the heat. 

Moving companies also have greater availability in the fall, and as a result, their prices are usually lower at this time. In the summer, for example, movers have to battle heat and also deal with multiple bookings in a day, making their work harder and more stressful which is why they can demand higher prices. So, if you plan to rent a luxury apartment near Mid City, try to plan your move in the fall. 

There are More New or Renovated Luxury Apartments Near Mid City in the Fall

Of course, we all love brand spanking new apartments, or units that have been newly renovated. More people are renting apartments than ever before, and this means the market is growing quickly, and investors are building new apartments and renovating existing ones at a rapid pace. With a lot of construction projects and renovation projects starting in the summer, this means there will be a good inventory of new apartments near Mid City with all the amenities you would want, by the fall season. In addition, new apartments give renters more flexibility, as there can be specials that allow tenants to customize the unit to better fit their needs and lifestyle. We all want to be the first person to use a bathtub or a toilet, so when you can get your hands on a new apartment near Mid City, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that nobody has ever used the personal elements of a unit, such as the bathroom. 

Whether you are moving from Ventura County to the Mid City area, or you are making the move from out-of-state, moving in the fall and even the winter could be your perfect opportunity to really enhance the moving and renting experience. 


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