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One of the biggest challenges tenants face when looking for the best luxury Mid City apartment is ensuring you have a good landlord. You want to make sure that if repairs are required, the landlord or management company responds quickly and uses professionals to get a job done. So which option will likely be your best fit; a professional property management team, or a private, individual landlord? 

This article will explain how working with a property management firm or company is more beneficial than dealing with a private owner, and reveal how the overall service you experience will be significantly better when you work with Carthay Pacific as a landlord.

Luxury Mid City Apartment Property Management Firms Offer Greater Quality Repairs

Data collected from a Quora report in 2020 revealed that more than 85% of tenants renting luxurious Mid City apartments were more satisfied with repairs when having an apartment management team as opposed to dealing with a single, private owner. First of all, rental companies have more of an incentive to ensure that all repairs are done according to safety standards, work is professionally carried out, and the quality is high-end work. Apartment management companies almost always have more than one building, so it is in their best interest to protect their reputation by making good, legal repairs. While most private landlords usually only own one property, they can afford to be more sloppy and laxed while corporations can not. Here’s an example: it is more likely that a private owner would be more likely to lay down bathroom flooring that gets slippery when wet, and they will simply tell the tenants to use a rug, while apartment management companies will be sure to use a bathroom-safe flooring material, and one that is also stylish and appropriate for the high-end neighborhood that people pay a premium to live in. 

You Can Reach Management Companies 24/7, But There Is No Guarantee With A  Private Owner

Most private owners with rental properties are only available during main hours, and sometimes they will have a person on call to handle repair emergencies or anything else urgent that might come up including concerns about neighbors, security threats, and maintenance needs. However, the “handyman”, as they are called, is never guaranteed to respond in a timely manner. In many cases, tenants are told to allow for a 24-hour window for calls to be returned. But if there is a pipe burst or a questionable person trespassing on the property, a 24-hour window won’t help you at all. Property management companies have multiple people and specific secondary businesses on call to respond to all types of emergencies, and this is why renting a luxurious apartment in Mid City managed by a company always improves your safety and convenience. 

No Need to Create a Hands-On Relationship with a Management Team for a Mid City Luxury Apartment

Private landlords always want to know what kind of a person you are, and they tend to judge and have preconceived notions. They also tend to require more hand-holding to ensure a good relationship, and they tend to pry. Apartment management companies only care about the following points:

  • Paying rent on time
  • Abiding by the rules
  • Taking care of the unit

So long as you meet the initial qualifications for renting their luxurious Mid City apartment, they could really care less about anything else (other than your safety and happiness, of course). They don’t care what you do for a living, what your daily routine is, or who you invite over to your apartment. So long as you pay your rent and report anything necessary to improve safety and functionality, they will completely leave you alone, which is what people prefer. Nobody wants to feel like someone is always looking over their shoulder, and property management teams don’t treat tenants this way, at all. 

Apartments in Mid City With a Property Management Company and Policies & Procedures

When it comes to renting a luxury apartment in Mid City, professional property management firms are more likely to be sticklers for procedures and rules, such as doing move-in inspections and rekeying the locks when you move in. Usually, there is a hierarchy with accountability and performance standards that management team members must meet, so they will be spot-on. This is actually in your best interest because this ultimately protects you. The last thing you need is for someone’s crazy ex partner to enter your apartment because the locks were never changed,or lose your move-in deposit because there were pet stains that soaked through the carpet and into the padding that was left from the previous owner, and you get stuck with the bill because nobody lifted up and ends of the carpets. That said, you are actually better protected when dealing with an apartment management company. 

Why You Should Call Carthay Pacific to Rent Your Luxury Mid City Apartment

Our management team has two main goals: to ensure all tenants are safe and happy with their homes. This means our management company is always on top of anything tenants bring up, and we work around the clock to ensure you get fast service with no hiccups. Not only are our apartment units luxurious, and modern, and have all the important amenities, our management firm is known for being above and beyond exceptional when it comes to protecting and delighting our valuable tenants. Call 323-879-9620 to schedule a tour, and to learn more about how our management team operates to ensure our tenants get the best possible service and care. 


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