Take care of your pet this Halloween with this tips

According to community data collected from the Mid City and Carthay Square area, the public celebration of Halloween is more toned down than experienced in other Los Angeles neighborhoods. Whether you attend Halloween parties in the area, participate in trick-or-treating, unwind at home with a scary movie and a bowl of popcorn, or don’t celebrate it at all, this is the time of year when emergency veterinarians are the busiest tending to the medical needs of cats and dogs. This article is intended to help our Mid City luxury apartment tenants learn how to better protect their furry family members, as Carthay Pacific always welcomes cats and dogs as members of our rental family. From fun costumes to parties and tasty treats to general safety concerns, this article will cover it all so that you and your best friend can have a safe and happy holiday. 

1. Mid City Apartment Tenants Should Walk their Dogs Earlier 

Make sure to walk your dog well before the trick-or-treat crowd is out and about. There are several reasons why this is ideal. First of all, kids love dogs, and if you are walking your little buddy around large groups of kids, they will naturally want to engage with him. This can get your dog all riled up from all the excitement, and as a result, he may face challenges in settling down and could be more prone to wander when people approach your apartment later in the evening. In addition, when dogs are tired from taking a walk they are less likely to make attempts to get into the candy or eat discarded wrappers.

2. Make Sure Your Cats and Dogs Stay Clear of the Main Door

If you are passing out candy to trick-or-treat crowds, or you expect guests to be dropping in and out for a party, be sure to keep your pets away from the main door where there will be lots of foot traffic. The excitement level around your apartment will be higher than usual, so your pet may get excited and be tempted to dart out the door. By keeping them away from that area, you can not only help to protect them from running off, but you can also reduce the risk of a tail getting pinched in a door, or a paw stepped on. 

3. Make Sure Your Pets Have ID Tags and are Microchipped 

The Halloween season is the time when most pets are reported missing. That said, be sure your cat and dog have ID tags that display their name and your phone number. Avoid tags that display QR codes, as there are still a large number of people who don’t know what they are. It is also wise to have your pet microchipped at the vet. This way in the event your pet is found and taken to an animal shelter or a vet, they can scan your vet, get your details, and call you right away. Checking for a microchip is a standard step that shelters and vets take, so it is a nice added layer of security for your kitty and your pooch.

4. Even Mid City Apartment Renters Should Create Quite Rooms for Pets

While the Mid City area is not known to be very noisy, excitement always goes up on Halloween. That said, apartment renters should create a quiet room for their pets. This could be a second bathroom, a spare bedroom, or the home office. While cats and dogs are very social animals, there are times when they want some peace and quiet, so giving them a quiet room will support their needs. This will also reduce the chance of them running off, or engaging with too many people. Be sure to add the following things to the quiet room, as appropriate:

  • Food and water
  • Toys
  • Pet bed
  • Bone or chew toys
  • Litter box
  • Adequate lighting
  • Soothing music

You chose to rent a luxury apartment near Mid City, so why not extend that poshness to a quiet room for your furry friends?

5. Keep Your Pets Inside

Unfortunately, cruelty towards animals goes up at Halloween. You may rent in Mid City or Carthay where people are known for being respectful, but Halloween brings people to the Mid City team from all over Los Angeles. By keeping your cat and dog inside at all times, you can ensure that they steer clear from sick individuals. 

6. Don’t Let Your Pets Eat Candy

The candy that children eat can be toxic for cats and dogs. For example, chocolate is toxic to dogs because it contains theobromine, and nuts and raisins are toxic for cats and dogs. Be sure to consult with your vet to learn what kind of sweet treats are safe for cats and dogs, and this way your pets can participate in the festivities without risking their health. 

7. Choose the Right Costumes

If you are throwing a Halloween party at your Mid City apartment, you will likely want your furry best friend to join in the festivities. Whether your kitty goes as a pirate or a ghost, and your pooch goes as Frankenstein’s monster or sports a revolutionary war uniform, make sure the outfit isn’t tight, and that it doesn’t interfere with their breathing. In fact, you can pick up some fun Halloween-themed bandanas at most large pet stores, and your pet will prefer this to a full costume and they will still look like they are dressed for the part. 

8. Keep Pets Away from Pumpkins

If you are going to celebrate Halloween, you can’t really do this without a carved and lit pumpkin. While pumpkin in itself is not toxic to cats or dogs (it is a common ingredient in high-end pet food) uncooked pumpkin has been known to make pets nauseated. In addition, pets can get burned. A curious kitty might bat at the flickering flame, and an excited dog might stick his nose in the pumpkin before he can recognize a heat source. Be sure to display your pumpkins off the ground, and in a place that’s difficult for the pets to reach. 

Celebrate Halloween Safely in Your Mid City Apartment With Your Fur Baby

Halloween is a favorite holiday for many people, and when you get to spend it with your cat or dog, it’s even better. Follow these tips, and you and your furry companion will be sure to have a safe and happy Halloween. 


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