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Hunting for the best apartment is no easy task and it presents renters with a number of problems that they seek to resolve. The biggest challenge they have is to find the best apartment that checks all the boxes on their “must-have list”, and these usually include the following:

  • Location
  • Amenities
  • Pet friendly
  • Style
  • Appliances
  • Closet space
  • Parking
  • Views
  • Outdoor space
  • Low crime rate

With these points in mind, Mid City is the place to be where you have a higher chance of checking all the boxes. If you have kids you will also be delighted to know that the Mid City school district is one of the best in the country, let alone the state of California. When it comes to locating the best Mid City luxury apartments, Carthay Pacific Apartments is considered by tenants to offer the best rental properties they have ever encountered. This article will cover the main wants and needs that renters have, and demonstrate why Carthay Pacific offers the best luxury apartments in Mid City.

The Best Mid City Luxury Apartments are in a Prime Location

The best Mid City luxury apartments will be in convenient locations that offer the convenience of shopping, nightlife, and access to the arts, and an area with little to no crime. In addition, the location will offer a plethora of charm. South Carthay, Carthay Square, and Carthay Circle are all Los Angeles Historic Preservation Overlay Zones with homes boasting an architectural style that pays homage to the 1950s and 1960s that gives the area a great degree of style. Carthay Pacific Apartments also provide a short walk to the Petersen Automotive Museum, the almost 100-year-old Original Farmer’s Market, and to trendy Little Ethiopia for dining and shopping. There are multiple nearby restaurants, bars, and a wide range of shops making the area highly desirable to call home.

Views are Everything

Having an amazing view from your apartment is a must when it comes to finding the best luxury apartments in Mid City. The view from your window is likely one of the first things you see when you wake up in the morning, and it’s one of the last things you see before going to bed. Having a view that welcomes nature into your soul is much more uplifting than staring smack into another building when looking out the window. This is why Carthay Pacific built its apartment building to have stunning views of the Hollywood Hills to offer a calming effect during the day, and to awaken your imagination at night.

The Best Amenities Should Be Available with the Best Luxury Apartments in Mid City

Living the Mid City life comes with a prestigious and high-end lifestyle, so naturally, the best apartments in this coveted area will have all the amenities that matter. Carthay Apartment sis proud to offer the following amenities for our special residents:

Outdoor space – Our apartments have roomy balconies and a spacious rooftop with enough seating for parties and fire pits for your social gatherings.
Parking – We offer secure underground parking for our residents. All one-bedrooms have a single space, and two-bedroom units have two spaces.
Flooring – High-end plank flooring.
Luxury kitchen – Enjoy stainless steel appliances with a stylish backsplash and counters, as well as an over-the-range microwave for convenience and to offer more space.
Stay cool – All units have central air conditioning, which is a must in Mid City.
Laundry – Enjoy your in-unit washing machine and dryer to make laundry day a breeze.
Massive closet space – Benefit from a spacious walk-in closet where you can prepare for your day in style, and have plenty of storage space.

Aside from living in a beautiful modern building with striking architectural touches, you will benefit from having the best amenities that most people struggle to find as a package deal.

Demand Style in the Best Mid City Luxury Apartments

Carthay Pacific has focused on offering high-end style down to every detail from the exterior building, down to every inch of the interior units. Inspired by mid-century architecture, the Carthay Pacific building boasts a striking exterior that blends in with the local scene but also turns heads. In each apartment unit, you will notice the clean lines and modern decor that makes our units truly unique and luxurious.

Pet-Friendly Apartments in Mid City

Many luxury apartments in Mid City don’t allow animals due to the concern they will provide extra wear and tear to the dwelling. But Carthay Apartments management understands that your furry friend is family, so dogs and cats are welcome. Many of our tenants appreciate the pet-friendly balconies that enable dogs to step out for a little fresh air, and the space provides ample room for pet pads when your furry friend needs to take care of his business. If you have a cat and want kitty to get some fresh air on the balcony, we recommend a harness and lead, as cats like to jump. This is just a safety measure to embrace if your cat fancies the balcony. The neighborhood offers great routes for walking your dog, and the entire neighborhood is extremely dog-friendly making it an ideal place to live for pet owners.

The Best Luxury Apartments in Mid City are in Neighborhoods with Low Crime Rates

The Carthay / Mid City area has one of the lowest violent crime rates in California. With its own local police force, law enforcement in the area is ample and police response times are extremely fast, as are ambulance services in the event of an emergency. However, the home break-in/theft rate is high, but the good news is this won’t affect you! Carthay Pacific apartments are in a very secure video with 24/7 surveillance. More than 95% of home robberies occur in single-family homes with no security, but we have yet to experience theft attempts in our safe and secure apartment building.

Call Carthay Apartments to Tour the Most Luxurious Apartment Complex in Mid City

Once you have viewed the floorplans on our website, call to book an in-person tour, as nothing can unveil the luxurious feel of one of the apartment units that are there to walk the layout firsthand. Our team is standing by to answer any questions you might have and to book a tour that works for your schedule. Call 323-879-9620 today, and take a look into what could be your future home.


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