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If you are searching for the best Beverly Hills luxury apartment that’s pet-friendly, then you demand a certain standard that includes a prime location, posh quality, and within an ideal neighborhood for walking, dining, and entertainment. These are your must-haves, but what about the cat and dog? They just want a safe, comfortable place to call home. That said, there are a number of things you can do to improve their safety, and this article is intended to spark a protective nerve in our tenants (and future tenants) who want to do their best at providing a safe apartment for the fur babies in their life.

1. All Power Cords in Your Beverly Hills Luxury Apartment Should Be Chew-Proof

Every year, hundreds of cats and dogs are taken to the ER for chewing through a live electrical wire. To them, the cord to your lamp, computer, or TV can look like a fun toy, or something worth exploring through a series of bites. Be sure to block access to cords by running them under furniture, or secure them to the crevice between the floor and wall. You can also buy cord protectors to run cables through if you don’t mind the look. Just know that cord protectors provide the best method for preventing pets from chewing through cords, so the look might be worth their safety.

2. Cover Your Hot Stove to Protect Curious Paws

Any quality Beverly Hills luxury apartment will have an amazing stovetop. As you know, the components on stoves take some time to cool down once they have been exposed to a heat source. We also know that most cats love to jump on counters, and the potential for their little paws to get burned is very real. Every year, cats are treated for serious painful burns received from jumping on hot cooktops. They know there is food up there, but they can’t sense the surface is hot until it is too late. When you are done using your burner, put another pan on the cooktop to discourage kitty from jumping.

3. Have a Pet Earthquake Emergency Kit on Hand

When it comes down to what to look for in a good Beverly Hills luxury apartment building, you will want a property that’s been engineered to withstand the power of an earthquake. However, buildings that have been built to withstand an earthquake can still suffer enough damage that warrants tenants to have to evacuate with zero notice. The state of California encourages people to have in-home earthquake kits, as well as evacuation kits, so it is smart to have one on hand for your cat and dog.

For a pussy cat, have a cat carrier on hand with a bottle of water, a few cans of food, a can opener, and a first aid kit. For small dogs, the same will apply, and for large dogs, have some Kevlar-lined dog booties. These are used by dogs in law enforcement and by canines in first responder roles to protect their paw pads from hot concrete and sharp debris. You can buy these online, and in the event there is broken glass from the jolt of an earthquake, you and your dog can safely evacuate without the risk of having his feet cut.

4. Pet-Proof the Balcony in Your Beverly Hills Luxury Apartment

Sometimes pets attempt to jump up to places they can’t see too well, and the last thing you want is for your cat or dog to jump off the balcony. Various Beverly Hills luxury apartments have different rules about what can be added to a balcony, so be sure to contact your management team and ask them if pet-proofing the balcony with screens is accepted. If you are not able to put up screens, then be sure your pet is always on a leash and harness that’s secured to something so that they can’t jump or strangle themselves.

5. Have Non-Toxic Plants in Your Beverly Hills Luxury Apartment

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According to the ASPCA, more than 70% of pet owners have had, at one point, plants in their homes that unbeknownst to them were toxic to pets. For example, lilies are highly toxic to cats and can cause severe kidney damage, while tulip and narcissus bulbs have toxins that can cause gastrointestinal irritation, depression of the central nervous system, loss of appetite, and cardiac problems in both cats and dogs. You can contact the ASPCA to get a list of plants that should be avoided in apartments where pets live.

Discover Why Pet Owners Choose Carthay Pacific for their Beverly Hills Luxury Apartment

Carthay Pacific has a reputation for providing the best Beverly Hills luxury apartments for pet owners who focus on providing a safe home for their cat and dog. Call today to tour what could be your next home, and get a taste for what the posh lifestyle looks like at Carthay Pacific—a Beverly Hills luxury apartment building that focuses on pet safety, the highest quality, and convenience.


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