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It may come to no surprise that California is losing its residents. However, Los Angeles is still a popular city attracting people from all over the country for career opportunities. According to the Public Policy Institute of California, more than 800,000 have moved out of the state between 2016 to January of 2023. However, California, especially Los Angeles, has seen a rise in young, educated people moving to LA. These include people with aspirations to enter the entertainment industry (for film, TV or music), college graduates looking to start their first job in their career, and people moving from out-of-state offices to corporate offices in Los Angeles. That said, people in their 20s to 40s are seeking a vibrant, upscale neighborhood to call home, and renting upscale Mid City Los Angeles apartments is a top goal on this cohort’s list. 

This article will review several reasons why young professionals are prioritizing their search in the Los Angeles rental market to the Mid City neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Renting Mid City Apartments in Los Angeles is Geographically Convenient

Located within walking distance from Beverly Hills, near Pico Robertson, and a few miles northeast of Culver city with fast access to the 10 freeway, the 405 freeway, and access to canyon streets that take people to the valley, Mid City Los Angeles apartments are highly advantageous because living in this neighborhood makes inter-city travel very easy. In addition, Mid City Los Angeles apartments give renters access to the following:

  • Green Spaces – There are a number of parts for relaxation, where children can play, and where you can walk your dogs.
  • Shopping – You are within walking distance to a number of boutique shops, as well as some of the most famous shopping centers in the city, such as the Beverly Center.
  • Access to the Arts – Mid City Los Angeles apartments are in close proximity to a number of museums including the Museum of Tolerance and the Petersen Automotive Museum, the Paley Center for Media, and a number of art galleries. Mid City is also in close proximity to a number of performing arts centers and theaters.
  • Dining – When you rent a Mid City Los Angeles apartment you are a short walking distance from a number of iconic dining spots. From the many ethnic delights located in Little Ethiopia, some some world-class Jewish delis, and to a number of great restaurants that reflect a wide range of national cuisine types, you will never get bored when you eat out in Mid City.

Mid City Los Angeles Offers Beverly Hills Elegance Without Beverly Hills Prices

Once you cross into Beverly hills, rental prices increase dramatically. Another reason why young, sophisticated professionals choose Carthay Pacific Mid City Los Angeles apartments is that we offer the same quality build, stunning architectural details, great amenities, high-end fixtures, parking, great security, a pet-friendly living environment, and while you are a short walk from Beverly Hills, we are not in that price bracket making this especially attractive to young, stylish professionals who are budget conscious, yet who want a luxurious apartment and neighborhood. 

Carthay Apartment Mid City Los Angeles Apartments are Safe

When many young professionals move to Los Angeles, they may be thinking about the notorious crime rate. Luckily, Mid City has one of the lowest rates of violent crimes in Los Angeles County, and the highest crime committed in Mid City is break-in robberies, but this only applies to single-family homes. Mid City Apartments are very safe due to security features, and no thief is going to risk breaking into an apartment building that has security features. In fact, since Cathay Pacific has had apartments on the market in Mid City, there have been no break-in thefts or crimes. The area is safe, and our apartment building is not only safe from unwanted personnel, the building has also been retrofitted to withstand large earthquakes making our building one of the safest in the city. 

Mid City Los Angeles Offers a Suburban Feel in the Big City

If you value living conveniently in the city, but you also prefer peace and quite free from the constant sound of traffic and hoards of people on the sidewalks, then Mid City Los Angeles would be your dream neighborhood to call home. Walking distance to Pico Robertson in Beverly Hills, and accessible to Wilshire and other parts of LA that are busy, Mid City has much less auto traffic on the roads, and foot traffic on the sidewalks. Residents in Carthay Pacific Mid City Los Angeles apartments describe the neighborhood vibe as being relaxed, despite being blocks away from much more lively atmospheres. 

Call Carthay Pacific to Tour the Best Mid City Los Angeles Apartment Today!

Curious to see what a luxury apartment in Mid City Los Angeles looks like that competes directly with Beverly Hills apartments, and other residences that promote posh living? Call Carthay Pacific today to walk one of our many floorplans and to see the aesthetic beauty and high quality that went into each apartment unit that residents demand in this hot, competitive market. Come walk our apartment units, and discover what a home can look like. 


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