Mid City is an upscale and eclectic part of Los Angeles that’s known for hosting some of the best modern apartment buildings in the city. Considering the fact it has a number of popular restaurants, was once home to the recording studio for Ray Charles (the local post office is even named after him), and is in close proximity to vibrant yet conflicting areas such as Beverly Hills and Little Ethiopia, defining an aesthetic style in Mid City usually includes embracing modernism, old world glamor, organic, or a hybrid of all of these.

With this in mind, you may be looking for ways to make your home stand out amongst other of the best Mid City apartments Los Angeles offers to renters who love modern architecture, and lighting is one of the most critical things as it is both functional and stylish. That said, this article is intended to help tenants (and prospective tenants) learn some tips on how to create a lot of impact simply by adding the right lighting to your Mid City Los Angeles apartment.

The Mid-Century Mushroom Lamp Compliments Mid City Los Angeles Apartments

If your desire is to embrace the mid-century modern aspects of Mid City Los Angeles, then adding a mushroom lamp to your living space would be ideal. There are two primary types of mushroom lamps:

Murano Mushroom Lamp – Dates back to the 10th century in terms of general design and became popular in 1956 when designer Massimo Vignelli designed a one-piece body shaped like fungo (the Italian word for “mushroom”) that consists of alternating thin, translucent vertical white and orange stripes of fused glass canes that have been blown into a curved form.

Nordic Danish Mushroom Table Lamp – Known as a prime part of Scandi Danish mid-century modernism, the mushroom table lamp is smaller in size than its Italian source of inspiration, and is made of a high-quality plastic. Original colors include white and orange, but others can be found in reproduction variations.

Whether you are prepared to make a greater investment in the Murano mushroom lamp (there is an example at the Smithsonian’s Design Museum), or acquire the Danish example, both lamps give a warm, dim lighting experience perfect for social gatherings or a quiet evening of relaxing. Dust be prepared to get a European light bulb converter so that you can use American-made light bulbs in these unique lamps that compliment the Mid City vibe so beautifully.

Consider Mid-Century Astro Modern Floor Lamps for Your Mid City Los Angeles Apartment

Good examples of mid-century astro floor lamps will have that iconic, classic curved and sleek “astro” look inspired by space exploration aesthetics and Scandinavian design. Some iconic examples include teak lamps and tables designed by Victor Wilkins in the 1960s. These lamps are made of teak, which lends to a classic, mid-century-inspired living interior that was very typical for the time, and that adds an organic element into your living space. If you want an authentic example, there are a number of antique dealers in Los Angeles specializing in mid-century modern lighting and furnishings. For flawless, well-made reproductions, consider Etsy and do a search to find some great sellers who make these lamps by hand.

Art Deco Lighting for Mid City Los Angeles Apartments

The Art Deco period ran from the 1920s and 1930s, and lighting fixtures from this time boasted a dramatic, elegant and futuristic-looking aesthetic. Authentic Art Deco chandeliers, lamps and wall sconces were constructed from chrome, steel or polished bronze that created a shiny and sleek look typical of the style. With so many buildings in Mid City Los Angeles featuring design elements from this period, adding Art Deco lighting to your apartment would be a great nod to the community’s aesthetics, and a way for you to add some drama to your living space. While Tiffany lamps are generally classified as Art Nouveau, some later examples fall into the Art Deco glass style and could be a great feature in your apartment. If your lighting budget is more modest, you can find some amazing and affordable art deco lighting fixtures at flea markets all over LA, and in online auctions.

Keep It Simple Yet Classy with Modern Lighting in Your Mid City Los ANgeles Apartment

Whether you go to a boutique or a chain store, you can find a wide range of modern lighting examples that can compliment the neighborhood vibe surrounding your Mid City Los Angeles apartment. The majority examples will be made from metal, and rose gold and aged bronze are especially popular looks at the present moment. Consider adding other decorative elements in your apartment such as bookends, sculptures, or art frames in the same metal tone to add fluency in your living space.

Mid City Los Angeles apartments are in high demand because living in this neighborhood is so rewarding and offers an upscale standard that so many people are looking for. By considering these talking points as you shop for lighting, you can bring that neighborhood ambiance into your living space, and enhance the luxury and energy that surrounds you.

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