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If you are renting one of several upscale apartment buildings in Mid City Los Angeles like Carthay Pacific, then you chose to live in a neighborhood that’s known for being privileged but also laid back. People who move to Mid City Los Angeles want to remain in the city, but they want to be out of the heart of the hustle and bustle that LA is known for. This usually means they also want their Mid City Los Angeles apartment to be quiet; they don’t want to hear honking horns and heavy traffic, crowds of people chattering from out their window, and this usually means they don’t want to hear their neighbors either. Here are some tips that you can follow to be a respectful neighbor, and to avoid getting wrapped up in any noise complaints that a neighbor may choose to make.

If You are Hard of Hearing, But Personal Listening Devices to Use in your Mid City Los Angeles Apartment

If you are hard of hearing, then you probably play your music louder than most people, and have your television set at louder volumes than the average tenant. You may not realize it, but there’s a good chance your neighbors can hear you, and nobody wants to create a spoiler alert for everyone’s favorite TV series, nor do they want to keep their neighbors up at night, or wake them up early in the morning. If you are not using a medical-grade hearing device, there are several personal listening devices (headphones) on the market that are Bluetooth compatible and wireless that you can use for watching TV and listening to music that is comfortable and offers high-quality sound. According to ‘Best Review Guide’ for 2023, the best headphones for TV on the market for quality of sound, design, and comfort include the following:

  • Sennheiser RS 195 RF Wireless headphones (9.6 score out of 10)
  • Sennheiser RS 175 RF Wireless headphones (9.5 score out of 10)
  • Yamaha YH-L7OOA Wireless headphones (8.3 score out of 10)
  • Poly Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 Headphones (Best Value and 8.2 score out of 10)
  • Avantree HT5009 40Hrs Wireless (8.2 score out of 10)
  • Sony WH-CH710N Noise Cancellation Headphones (8.1 score out of 10)

With advancements in science today’s headphones are comfortable, offer concert hall quality sound, and are wireless meaning you won’t have to deal with cords. They also enable you to enjoy TV and listen to your music without disturbing your neighbors.

Learn Your Neighbor’s Daily Habits and See If There is Room to Accommodate

It’s always ideal (and safe) to know who your neighbors are; introduce yourself, let them know who lives in your unit, and if you are comfortable with it, let them know that if they ever need help in the event of an emergency that can knock on your door. You can also explain to them that you don’t want your morning workout, TV / music sounds, or other lively activity to disturb them, so ask when they usually go to bed and get up in the morning. This will help you be an amazing neighbor, and in turn, they will respect your privacy right back.

Barking Dogs

Carthay Pacific is a pet-friendly Mid City Los Angeles apartment building, but dog owners need to be respectful of their neighbors. If your dog has a barking problem, take them to a dog behavior class or work with a canine behavioral specialist. According to a survey conducted by Houze, barking dogs are the number one nuisance reported by apartment renters. You can also help to prevent barking by initiating some training with a rewards system, make sure they are fed regularly, that there is always clean water for them to drink, and have some toys laying around so they can stay entertained. You can even try leaving your TV on during the day with the volume set low, as studies show that dogs tend to stay calmer when their owners are out for the day, the TV is on providing the sounds of people. 

Put Down Rugs in Your Mid City Los Angeles Apartment 

Rugs not only help to absorb sound that travels to the apartment unit below yours, but it also muffles sounds that neighbors can hear next to you, and across the hall. In addition to absorbing sound, rugs also just add softness to the room and can be used as key design elements when you choose the right color and pattern. 

Be Cognizant of the Front Door

When you are coming home from a long day of work, you can’t wait to get home, kick off your shoes, and unwind. However, from jangling keys to slamming doors, going in and out of your apartment can create noise that neighbors can hear. Though this type of noise is extremely short-lived and not nearly as annoying as a barking dog or a loud TV, it still pays to try to be quiet when opening and closing your door out of respect for others.

Carthay Pacific Offers Peaceful, Luxurious Mid City Los Angeles Apartment Living, Call Today to Tour a Unit

Our community in our Carthay Pacific Mid City Los Angeles apartment building are amazing people who respect one another’s privacy, and who keep noise levels down. If you want to live in a luxurious apartment in Mid City Los Angeles and know that you will not be bothered by noisy neighbors, come tour our premises and walk several of our available units. Every detail has been paid attention to, meaning you can live in a luxurious apartment with all the right amenities and fine aesthetic details, and be proud of the place you call home! Give us a call today.


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