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If your pet is a member of your family, you’re certainly not alone; millions of Americans love their pets, including dogs, and wouldn’t think of surrendering them for prime real estate. But if you’re currently looking for a place to call home, your prospective landlord might have a different opinion. Thankfully, it is possible to find pet-friendly rentals in Los Angeles if you know how to find them.

Give Yourself Lots of Time

The more time you give yourself to find an apartment, the better the chances that you’ll find the perfect one for you and your dog. Ideally, you’ll want to begin your search as soon as you know you’ll be moving so that you can check out as many different neighborhoods as possible.

Having this cushion can also help in the event you become unexpectedly busy and unable to research apartments for a few days.

Draft a Doggy (And Human) Resume

Believe it or not, a rental resume for you and your dog can go a long way to getting you the apartment you want. In addition to listing past rental information and including letters of recommendation from previous landlords, see if you can get written statements from them, dog walkers and trainers about your dog’s behavior.

Set Up a Search and Post an Ad to Save Time

Life can be hectic, especially if you’re looking for an apartment while pursuing a career and/or higher education. That being said, bringing potential landlords to you can save you a lot of time. You can go to practically any site and set up a search for “pet-friendly apartments in Los Angeles” to have apartments sent directly to your inbox.

Posting an ad can be another great time-saver. Create an abbreviated resume, providing just a few details about why a landlord would want to rent to you and your dog. This will create curiosity and could result in many calls or emails from interested parties.

Ruling Out Pet-Free Communities

Even though you may be the most responsible pet owner in your neighborhood, scratching no-pet communities from your list from the start can save you lots of time. That is, unless your dog is an emotional support animal. If this is the case, many property managers will allow working dogs for an additional monthly pet fee, so you’ll definitely want to ask them about this possibility.

Those who don’t require a service animal who are looking for rentals may consider calling these communities despite their no pet rules to see if there’s a way to get around it. One strategy that may work for you is offering a pet deposit with your security deposit, which has been done with success. 

But most of these communities have a good reason for their policy; they’ve likely had negative and costly experiences in the past, and as a result, won’t budge on their rules. And really, who can blame them?

Now that you’ve scratched these apartments off your list, reach out to the closest Los Angeles SPCA or other animal agency, and ask if they have information about rental communities that allow dogs. You can also find this information in free publications at your local supermarket.

Consider the Size of Your Furry Friend

Just because a landlord allows pets, doesn’t mean they’ll accept pets of every size. Before you even view an apartment, check to see if the landlord has any size or weight limits for dogs; you may be surprised at what you discover. 

Taking the size of your dog into account will matter even if the landlord doesn’t have these kinds of restrictions. Be sure that your dog will be comfortable and able to move freely around your new rental before you commit.

Look Beyond the Apartment Itself

You may really love the apartments you’ve viewed, but renting with your dog means looking at the surrounding area. Is there a nearby dog park, nature preserve or other safe area where you can take them for a walk or a run? You’ll also want to note the distance of vital services like groomers and vets from your desired location before you sign a lease agreement.

Providing a resume for your dog and offering pet rent may not be things you’ve previously considered, but these strategies along with posting ads and making careful considerations can effectively bring multiple dream apartments right to your door.

A Home for Everyone

Looking for a great apartment community that welcomes all kinds of pets and dog breeds? Look no further than Carthay Pacific Apartments! 

Located in extremely dog-friendly and historic Carthay, our spacious, controlled-access luxury apartments include great amenities such as in-unit washer and dryer, stainless steel appliances, spacious walk-in closets, central air conditioning, common area sundeck and so much more.
Living in your brand-new Carthay apartment, you’ll have access to all that life has to offer in a unique and visually stunning neighborhood. We are currently accepting applications and scheduling viewings, so don’t wait; claim your tour online, or call (323) 879-9620 to book.


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