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The Mid City neighborhood of Los Angeles is one of the safest areas to rent an apartment. However, the occasional breakin can occur. While violent crimes are almost non-existent in the region, and more than 90 percent of break ins occur in single family homes, the rare apartment burglary can happen. This article is intended to provide safety tips to people renting the best Mid City apartments Los Angeles has to offer with the goal to improve safety.

Get to Know Neighbors in Mid City Los Angeles Apartments

Knowing the neighbors in your building is handy when you need an egg to finish that cake recipe, but it’s also helpful to know who the people are in close proximity to you. When you move into a new Mid City apartment in Los Angeles, ask them how safe and secure the building is, and if there has been any crime in the building. If you feel a connection with a particular neighbor, see if you can make arrangements to have them look in on your apartment while you are away. Also, in the event there is an emergency of any kind, it’s always good to know someone close by that you can turn to in a bind. 

Reduce the Risk of a Breakin By Keeping the Drapes Closed at Night

The best Mid City Apartments Los Angeles offers will have great views. For example, Carthay Pacific apartments in Mid City Los Angeles have amazing views of the Hollywood Hills, so naturally you will want to have your drapes open during the day. But when you are not enjoying the nighttime views with the hills lit up with light, consider closing your drapes. Burglars will case properties by looking through windows at night to see what kind of items you have in your home in order to determine if the risk is worth it. For example, if you have a huge TV, lots of art, and expensive furniture on display for everyone to see outdoors when your apartment lights are on, some unsavory individual may try to gain access when you aren’t home. 

Of course these break-ins are very rare, especially in apartments that are not on the ground floor, but as the old saying goes, “better safe than sorry”. 

Get A Fire-Proof Safe for Your Apartment

There has never been a fire in Carthay apartments in Mid City Los Angeles, but even though we have a perfect safety record, this doesn’t mean the building is immune to fire. Protect valuables and things that can’t be replaced in a fire safe such as jewelry, cash, gold, silver, documents, family photos, heirlooms, and more. Insurance may cover everything else, but it can’t replace family items, so invest in a small fire safe to gain peace of mind. 

Don’t Ignore Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors in your Mid City Los Angeles Apartment

When smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors start to get low on battery power, they make a constant beeping sound. Unfortunately, many people feel they are too busy to replace the batteries or call for maintenance to come and do it, so they will simply remove the batteries or disarm the devices. Not only do such actions violate the terms of most leases, but this is also an unsafe thing to do. These devices are implemented for a reason: to increase safety, so be sure to replace the batteries as needed. 

Get Renter’s Insurance for Your Mid City Los Angeles Apartment

Some Mid City Los Angeles apartments require tenants to get renter’s insurance, but even if this is not required in your building, it’s a very smart thing to get. According to a study conducted by American Family Insurance, the average person with a policy that covered theft both in and outside the home was able to replace their items with a yearly ROI on their policy of more than 1000%. Even the best renter’s insurance plans are very inexpensive, so it makes complete sense to get the right policy that covers all of your valuable items ranging from computers and electronics, to sports equipment. Also, be sure to get added coverage like flood insurance in the event there is a pipe burst. Finally, call a number of providers before you choose a policy, but always start with the provider that you have your car insurance with, as many of these companies will give you a lower rate if you combine policies. 

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